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Subsidised on the PBS

A list of all biosimilar brands of biological medicines that are subsidised on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in Australia.

Information on biosimilar medicines

a highly similar version of an already registered biological medicine

Biological medicines are pharmaceutical products that contain one or more active substances that are derived from living cells or organisms.

Demonstrating high similarity is the foundation of development

As biosimilar medicines are designed and engineered using the latest technology to resemble their reference product as closely as possible,


Biological medicines are medicines that are made by living cells or organisms. They are usually made of large proteins that are naturally produced in the human body.

Biosimilar medicines are used to treat the same diseases in the same way

A biosimilar medicine is a highly similar version of an original brand of a biological medicine, brought to market by a different manufacturer once the patent on the original brand expires.

The aim of the clinical program is to confirm therapeutic equivalence

Biosimilar medicines are required to undergo a tailored clinical program. This is normally a stepwise process, beginning with pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) studies.

The TGA approved its first biosimilar medicine in 2010

More than a decade of international real-world experience and associated post-marketing data has found no difference in the safety or health outcomes of patients.

Australia has a strong regulatory system for all medicines

Australia has a strong regulatory system that ensures the safety, effectiveness and quality of all medicines, including biological medicines.


Dr Michael Coory, Department of Health

Listen to Dr Michael Coory, Department of Health, as he discusses how price disclosure works for biosimilar medicines and how this contributes to the sustainability of the Australian healthcare system

Biosimilar medicines in community pharmacy

This Q&A style discussion will look to further address the opportunities, concerns and practicalities of biosimilar medicines in community pharmacy.

Pharmacy Connect 2019: Biosimilar medicines in community pharmacy

This session will focus on biosimilar medicine use in a community pharmacy setting.

Chief Pharmacist, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Jatinder Harchowal provides an international perspective on the use of biosimilar medicines in the United Kingdom.


Barry has enjoyed a diverse career beginning in community pharmacy and moving into regional and remote hospital pharmacy in WA and far North QLD.


Executive Director Pharmacy and Redevelopment, North East Health, and owner and Director, David Ford Healthcare Consulting.

APP2019: Biosimilar Update

A/Prof Ward continues to practice as a pharmacist and has research interests broadly related to the factors that influence variability in the safety and efficacy of medicines.

Pharmacy Connect 2018: Biologics and biosimilars

David Ford is a proven hospital executive with 30 years of clinical and management experience in hospital administration and department directorship.

APP2018: Biosimilar medicines – the case for change

Dr Cornes is an oncologist in Bristol. He is part of the steering group for the European School of Oncology Working Party on the Access to Innovation in Cancer Treatment.