Accredited CPD activity for specialists on biosimilar medicines

Biological medicine - monoclonal antibody

Accredited CPD Activity for Specialists

Biosimilar Medicines: Information for specialists

This activity addresses the following learning objectives using a combination of reading and active listening to video content:

Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how biosimilar medicines contribute to the sustainability of the Australian healthcare system
  • Outline the clinical development and regulatory processes required prior to approval of biosimilar medicines
  • Explain to patients what a biosimilar medicine is, why it is different to a generic medicine, and their therapeutic equivalence to the reference biological product
  • Manage patient concerns and queries surrounding biosimilar medicines
  • Define the criteria that must be met in order to substitute a PBS-subsidised reference biological for a biosimilar medicine

Upon completion of this activity you may claim one Category 1 credit as part of your MyCPD record.